Saturday, July 23, 2016

Raced some races...

Wyandotte Lake Mointain bike race:

This was about a month ago. 

It was hot. I parked an hour away by bike and pedaled to and from the race. Did crappy in my age bracket but had fun and didn't crash. Or at least I don't think I did (it was a while ago). 

By the time I made it back to my car I was 4 hrs in and completely spent. 

Topeka road race:

This was two weeks ago and terribly embarrassing. Meaning I got dropped after 18 minutes. 

Yes you read that right. I showed up to a 52 mile road race and got dropped after 18 minutes. In my defense we were going single file when I got dropped. (Sarcasm). 

After that I intended to only do half the race but missing my turn for that so I did 52 miles solo in windy conditions and I pushed hard the whole time. Partially because I didn't want my car pool buddies to have to wait too long to drive back to kc.

So it was a terrible result but a pretty great workout. 

After getting dropped I took a few pics of the surrounding countryside. 

(From now on I'm always racing with my phone in my pocket)

Tour of Lawrence day 1:

This was last weekend. 

Showed up late and had minimal warmup. Got dropped after 20 minutes. Fun course. 

I swear I've been training!

Tour of Lawrence day 2:

Finally a good race. I got caught behind a crash with about 5 to go but I think I was on my way to a pack finish. Or at least a finish where I hang on till one to go and then when everyone gets serious I sit up and later claim I could have hung on but didn't want to crash. 

I guess we'll never know. 

Truman cup is this weekend. 

If you're reading this and thinking "this dude sucks, he gets dropped at everything"... You're right. But I honestly feel like I've done the work necessary to be decent for cx this season, which is the grand plan. 

Time will tell.