Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gateway Cup - Day 2

Day 2 at Gateway. Very very hot. X skipped today's race which seemed like a good idea while I was racin. 

The heat actually made it less miserable than I thought it would but my legs were totally zapped. My fitness is pretty good right now so I could still move around in the bunch but I had no punch. No snap. No juice. No mojo. No gitty up. Completely different from last night

With 1 to go I got lucky and took the fast lane around turn one. That re energized me and I fought hard to move up. Still about 30 back but better than i was 20 seconds earlier. People we're making some sketchy moves but I guess that's what happens at these big races. It's fun to be fit at a big race. 

Probably finished 25th. Just didn't have it today but still had enough to lift the pace on the last lap. 

Two more days. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Gateway Cup - Day 1 of 4

X and I are in St. Louis for Gateway Cup. Yours truly is registered for all 4 days, x is playing it by ear. 

Men's cat 4 recap...

My race was awesome till the last lap. That's when I botched turn one and lost a Ton of spots. Actually I think it was someone else's fault that led to my botched turn. He took an odd like and I didn't do the best job of reacting to it. 

Before that I was in the zone. Always near the front and able to punch it whenever I had to. I thought I could win. 

Passes around 5 guys in the sprint and finished 19th.

X stayed with the pack which was great given her lack if riding lately. 

Could be a good weekend.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sedalia crit and Otterville road race

X and I made it out to the Sedalia crit and then the Sunday morning road race in Otterville, MO this past weekend. 

These are two great events. 

The crit takes place in Sedalia's historic downtown so thats a neat setting... and the road race takes place on quite roads with rolling hills and good pavement. 

The turnouts were decent but not as good as they should be. These races are awesome and u need to come do 'em. 

I doubled up for the crit and sat up with one to go in the 4/5 race due to minor blow up that turned into a major blow up after racking myself on a pothole. Felt much better in the 3/4 race and sprinted to 14th. 

I've done a lot of doubling up lately. When your in shape it's not that hard. I think I'm I'm shape. 

Did the 3/4 road race and once again cramps prevented me from participating In the sprint finish. The race was actually pretty easy but I always seem to cramp in road races and the extreme humidity didn't do me any favors. In years past it was my calf. This year it's been the thighs. 

X didn't race but was a feed some master, giving everyone and their brother fresh bottles.

It was a great weekend. Amy had one of her best races to date in the women's 4's and Mark was mixing it up in the 4/5 road race and took 3rd or 4th in the sprint for second place. 

I'm feeling strong for this weekends Gateway cup. Forecast calls for 4 days of 95 degrees. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cathedral Crits

I just typed up a lengthy report and then accidently deleted it. Still getting the hang of blogging from a smart phone. Anyway... it detailing not only my race experience at the Cathedrialcrit Crits but also how awesome the courses and venue are. And I'm not just saying that because the team I'm on put on the race. 

If ever there were a place begging to be turned into a crit, Waterway Park in Kansas City, KS is it. 

A lot of you missed out. 

If your lucky we'll have it next year. 

Is this thing on?

Test post from my iPhone. Attempting to resurrect this blog from certain death by going mobile. 

Can u see me now?