Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gateway Cup - Day 2

Day 2 at Gateway. Very very hot. X skipped today's race which seemed like a good idea while I was racin. 

The heat actually made it less miserable than I thought it would but my legs were totally zapped. My fitness is pretty good right now so I could still move around in the bunch but I had no punch. No snap. No juice. No mojo. No gitty up. Completely different from last night

With 1 to go I got lucky and took the fast lane around turn one. That re energized me and I fought hard to move up. Still about 30 back but better than i was 20 seconds earlier. People we're making some sketchy moves but I guess that's what happens at these big races. It's fun to be fit at a big race. 

Probably finished 25th. Just didn't have it today but still had enough to lift the pace on the last lap. 

Two more days. 

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