Saturday, April 14, 2018

Got in a ride

Saturday morning are my time to get out. Wednesday evenings are as well but i have more time on Saturdays.

It was cold this morning so i opted for the mtb, which is ss, which ive been assuming was too slow to pedal on the road but im out of shape plus the gear is harder than i thought, so it worked out.

i rode to burp and back, ok technically i parked at Second Best Coffee because time was running out, but i still got in a little over 2 hrs.

Ive got races in mind for this year, some mtb then some cx, but not for a while.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Road my bike today...

Got a ride in today.

Shortly after cross season i stopped all activity remotely resembling exercise. This lasted till mid Feb when i started riding again. If this had been a real winter i'd probably still be inside wearing sweat pants and sitting on the couch watching hbo shows but its been warm so i been riding.

The Berryman Epic mountain bike race in October is on my radar (and cross season plus a few other random races leading up to that) so i'm in no hurry to go less slow but i am trying to work up to longer rides.

So far im up to 3 hr rides. Pretty much everything has been on the mountain bike. It needs some major work but i like the fit plus the routes it opens up.

Today i rode north to the levees. I love riding down there. Had fun on the way back going thru Downtown and then some single track.

I dont know if Kansas City is considered bike friendly but i love the riding here.

Then i came home to leftover pizza and the end of "They Live" on cable.

Image result for they live movie sex scene

I call that the good life.

(F'ing Oregon).

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

And we're back

It's March 21st 2017. I'm 37. My son is two. My wife is amazing. Mostly.

I've been noticeably absent from the blog world.

Checking my blog history i see there were 6 posts in 2016. Thats down from the 16 i did in 2015 and the 23 the year before. Not surprisingly the posts per year have been shrinking since year 1. Not counting 2009 when this blog started (in November) I've averaged 54 posts a year but take out the first two years when i had nothing better to do and i've only averaged 30.

I still like blogging. I like having a record of what i was doing. I like looking back at a post in 2010, for example, and being reminded of that dude i rode by on Main St who was smoking a cigarette and we both said 'hi' as we passed each other. I like documenting things.

This new computer i'm typing on may help in that department. Or it may not. I guarantee no more than two posts a year.

As we speak i'm glancing at my 2016 posts. They are, in order...
  • Urban Dirty race at Rozarks - Hello Travis Donn on fire and primed to head to the Cape Epic.
  • Pot Pie Odyssey Ride - Hello industrial waste and mud, and a great ride.
  • Gods Country MTB race - Hello pre and post race Bourgeois Pig stops.
  • Last Years CX season - Hello the epitome of lazy blogging.
  • Tour of KC - Hello first lap up the hill at Cliff Drive, goodbye to the peloton.
  • Wyandotte MTB race/Topeka Road Race/Tour of Lawrence - Hello one good race out of 4.
I see i never blogged about Single Speed KC, which after two additions continues to be super hard and super tempting (i'm signed up for this year) and i also left out all of last years CX season of which i did 11 races and was almost good for a few of those.

If i feel like it ill revisit those in future posts. Or maybe ill leave this post and, like Robert De Niro in Heat hoped, we'll never see each other again. (That movie is seriously bad a*s).

Image result for robert de niro heat

In the meantime here is a crappy picture of my awesome son ringing a bike bell to tide you over...

Monday, March 6, 2017

Contemplating coming out of blog hibernation

Stay tuned.

(Also, felt the need to post this to prevent this blog from being 'hacked' because it seems long dormant blogs end up spouting gibberish. NOT THIS BLOG, BABY!)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Raced some races...

Wyandotte Lake Mointain bike race:

This was about a month ago. 

It was hot. I parked an hour away by bike and pedaled to and from the race. Did crappy in my age bracket but had fun and didn't crash. Or at least I don't think I did (it was a while ago). 

By the time I made it back to my car I was 4 hrs in and completely spent. 

Topeka road race:

This was two weeks ago and terribly embarrassing. Meaning I got dropped after 18 minutes. 

Yes you read that right. I showed up to a 52 mile road race and got dropped after 18 minutes. In my defense we were going single file when I got dropped. (Sarcasm). 

After that I intended to only do half the race but missing my turn for that so I did 52 miles solo in windy conditions and I pushed hard the whole time. Partially because I didn't want my car pool buddies to have to wait too long to drive back to kc.

So it was a terrible result but a pretty great workout. 

After getting dropped I took a few pics of the surrounding countryside. 

(From now on I'm always racing with my phone in my pocket)

Tour of Lawrence day 1:

This was last weekend. 

Showed up late and had minimal warmup. Got dropped after 20 minutes. Fun course. 

I swear I've been training!

Tour of Lawrence day 2:

Finally a good race. I got caught behind a crash with about 5 to go but I think I was on my way to a pack finish. Or at least a finish where I hang on till one to go and then when everyone gets serious I sit up and later claim I could have hung on but didn't want to crash. 

I guess we'll never know. 

Truman cup is this weekend. 

If you're reading this and thinking "this dude sucks, he gets dropped at everything"... You're right. But I honestly feel like I've done the work necessary to be decent for cx this season, which is the grand plan. 

Time will tell. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tour of KC

Raced Tour of KC this weekend. Skipped the time trial but did the cliff drive circuit race and the cross roads crit. 

Cat 4. 

In the circuit race I got dropped first time up the goose neck climb but soldiered on until getting lapped at the bottom of what was the lead groups final accent of said climb. Disappointing but not surprising. I stayed positive throughout. 

Had my phone on me so took a picture of the group as they lapped me. They were going a lot faster than I was. 

Once the race was over I hurried home and little man and I went to watch mom do the Roller Derby. Her team won and they play in the championship in two weeks!

Sunday was the crit. This was the first year at the new cross roads location and the course was awesome. starting at the back was a terrible idea. I should have trusted my abilities and lined up earlier but I was nervous about crashing and knew the back would be less stressful, from a crashing standpoint. And when I say the back I mean the very back. In an ideal world I would have tail gunned for 15 minutes while getting comfortable racing a crit and then moved up during a massive slow down. The world is not an ideal place. Think I lasted 10 minutes before getting dropped. 

Still I was pleased to see I had two or three hard efforts in me as I closed a few gaps early on. 

Hooked up with some other dropped folks and road around for around 30 min total before I called it quits. 

The race seemed pretty blown up. Looking back I'm upset I dropped out but I blew up a second time as I tried to join in when the lead group lapped me and that was enough. 

I used a heart rate monitor and 188 was the highest number I saw. I'm 36 years old. 

These were my first raced on the road bike since (I think) Tour of Lawrence last year. Hopefully up next is the mountain bike race at Wyandotte and then the Tour of Lawrence.