Sunday, January 31, 2010

All with a mustache...

(This one's pretty wordy but tons of great video's and photo's are included.)

What a weekend.

Currently, it's 8:15 pm on sunday evening. Almost every article of clothing i'm wearing right now is made of sweat pants material, that means it's really comfortable and therefore i'm really comfortable. It's been a long weekend and i've instituted maximum chill mode over here. Yesterday however, we had a lot of action.

Street Cred round 3: Urban Cross... get some.

Not satisfied? Check out dude on the fixed gear. i was riding near this guy for most of the race, thru grass, dirt, gravel, over wood pallets, rocks, train tracks, and most of it on snow, and take my word for it... he was rockin' that thing! No breaks, slick tires, skid stops, bad ass. I was riding a mtn bike with disc breaks for Pete's sake!

More video, watch that turn...

Basically the entire day was awesome and it all started with that race. The weather was perfect (sun, no wind, 35 degrees) and the course was awesome. A great group of people came out and i think it's safe to say that everyone had a blast. The boon's was just the icing on the cake that is Street Cred (sorry, no pictures of the boon's.) Two more rounds to go and i don't want to get ahead of myself, but... could yours truely possibly win the overall!?!

The post race recovery took place at Harrys Country Club which is a great bar down in the River Market. When you order Hamm's at Harry's they bring you a mini frosted mug, i think that's awesome. It's the little things, you know? After beer and food we had a leasurley ride home, complete with wildlife photography, and then some folks came over for the KU - K-State basketball game.

And lets talk about the KU - K-State basketball game. HOLY SH*T!!! i was pretty drunk but i think that game is gonna be remembered for a while. KU won by two in overtime! And of course, like he always seems to do, Sherron Collins came up huge again. I love that man, ... so much. ... and i'm not afraid to say it (watch him thru this entire clip, he almost muff's the pass, falls on his butt, is still on his butt watching as the biggest shot in kansas basketball history go in, then he gets up and hustles back to play d!) ... what's not to love? Everybody defiantly loved the game, the beer was flowing, the Minskies was lovely, the little baby came over to watch, he's even a KU fan.... life is good.

Sorry for all the KU / Collins rah rah, i'm a man of passion.

Besides that i had to go over and feed my old cat, he's cool.

  • In professional bicycle racing news... Zdenek Stybar won cross worlds today in the Czech Republic city of Tabor. Tim Johnson was the top American in 14th place, that seems like a great ride for him, had this to say about him... "US Champion Tim Johnson was the best placed of the North American riders in the field with a 14th place finish. In the closing laps, Johnson's lap times made for particularly impressive reading as he sped up in his approach to the finish line."
  • Great new video - Washed Out, 'Belong.' plus he's going on tour!
  • Great new song and video - Hot Chip, 'One Life Stand'
  • Big thanks to my fill-in photographer at Street Cred! The pictures and video's turned out great.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ava - and some other stuff - tar


It's late , or early, depending... it's 1 am on Saturday if you want to get technical.

I just got back from a Birthday party. Saw some old friends. We all have stories.

So on Thursday I saw Avatar in 3d... it was AMAZING. For at least half the movie my mouth was hanging wide open in shear amazement. The 3d really made it. i highly recommend going to see it, but if you go, be sure to go to a 3d version, it's soooo worth it. Plus the place we went had vibrating seats and amazing surround sound, which is nice. This woman next to us brought her little baby to the movie, kid was like 3 months, that's odd. The baby did not use 3d glasses. Besides that i've been trying to cook. Plus it snowed again but only just, and i ate some more birthday cake. This birthday happens to fall on the same day as Kansas Day... Kansas is 149 years old today! And Hank is 29!

Round 3 of Street Cred starts in about 12 hours. It's going to be an urban cross race down in the west bottoms. The weather will be cold, 26, but sunny and with a little snow on the ground. Bike choice is key because conditions could be trecherous, i'm thinking mountain bike, and really that's my only option since the breaks on the cross bike are shot and the snow appears to be to much for the road bike. Good, because i love this mtn bike! Gonna get my Mad Max on tomorrow!

Stay tuned for a full report... it's gonna be AWESOME!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guest Writer - KU basketball thoughts

As promised... I have this friend who moved to KC about five years ago and over the years he's become a big fan of ku basketball. So big that he wanted to do some post game analysis for the somethingclassic blog. So, for what is hopefully the first of many, i present to you the guest writers thoughts on last Mondays KU - MU game.

in⋅ev⋅i⋅ta⋅ble [in-ev-i-tuh-buhl]

sure to occur, happen, or come; unalterable:

What is inevitable in the realm of college hoops? Well, a few things; such as John Calipari committing recruiting violations, Dick Vitale dry-humping Duke on a daily, weekly, yearly basis, and KU defending home court against the Tigers. What the nation saw on Monday night at Allen Fieldhouse wasn't a startling blow-out of a probable tournament team rather than the natural order of life in the Big 12. Perhaps the only surprising aspect of a convincing win in Lawrence was the reemergence of one Cole Aldrich as a legitimate inside scoring threat, something the Jayhawks desperately need to facilitate a late run come March. We all know that Cole's chipped tooth has helped in a number of ways: increased defensive tenacity, striking fear into the entire low-post corps of the opposition, and with the ladies (its common knowledge that chicks dig the chip), but what we hadn't seen this season was a truly dominating offensive effort from the KU
big man.

A quick glance at the stat sheet doesn't do justice to Cole's
offensive effort, 12 points on 5 field goal attempts. But, if you had watched the game (and if you didn't, wtf?), you saw the Jayhawks make a concerted effort to get the ball in the big man's hands on the block. The results speak for themselves. Not only was Aldrich efficient offensively, but he is extremely effective at facilitating their offense by passing out of double-teams, passing over the top of zone defenses to the talented shooters on the outside, and just drawing a lot of attention which gives KU myriad scoring opportunities. With this win Bill Self has a blueprint for the rest of the season, let the big man eat.

And in other news... i spotted a hawk on the drive to lunch today. Ate at Winsteads with pop and my 90 year old grandma. She used to eat at Winsteads way back in the 40's! After work we did some cold weather mountain biking and then dined at McCoys. Black and tan's were only $2.50. We had to get home in order to drink out of the Donald Duck Mug.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Tuesday

A list of some of the actors in the movie, 'True Romance'...

Dennis Hopper
Val Kilmer
Gary Oldman
Brad Pitt*
Christopher Walken
Bronson Pinchot
Samuel L Jackson
Michael Rapaport
Saul Rubinek
James Gandolfini
Chris Penn
Tom Sizemore

oh, and the leading couple... Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater.

*His best roll ever. Period.

i popped this movie in the dvd right before i sat down to write this. It's ridiculous how many good actors it has. And if you don't know who Bronson Pinchot is, i suggest you get your head out of your a*s and check out a little movie called 'Risky Business'. He's the man.

Anyway... I'm gonna have to keep this brief since i just speant the last 30 min completing that 'True Romance' list and now it's late and im tired. After a late night at work i grabbed some Steak n Shake for dinner... it was gross. Grease was puddled up at the bottom of the french fry container. Once i got home i settled in (it's cold again) and ended up watching a great college basketball game. With the help of the amazing Devan Downey, South Carolina beat previously undefeated Kentucky. It was a great game and this Devan Downey kid was defiantly amazing! Dude's like 5-9 and he goes off for 30 points! He carried the team.

oh, and the hole / leak in my ceiling is almost fixed for good. Hopefully.

Vaya Con Dios

Monday, January 25, 2010

Text message of the Week

Here we are again, it's Monday so it's time for the Text message of the week.

This one is short and sweet. I love it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday - in pictures

Pretty nice little Sunday today.

The cliff notes version... Ate breakfast at my favorite spot, snagged a seat at the bar, so necessary because it was crowded. That's my pancake too! Then some expresso and newspaper action at the coffee shop. Which was followed by bike riding. I was late to the sunday group ride so i forged on solo. The roads are sh*t right now but the sun was shining so it was a pretty nice day. Next week i will be commuting to work via bicycle for the first time. Probably only one or two days a week at first. i planned out the route today and am happy to say it includes this...

It was also extremely windy today and after a tough day like that you need Chipotle, and at Chipotle you need to park on the curb like a jackass since you know how much of a pain it is to use that parking garage plus you just washed your car the other day and it's poppin big time! Sometimes you have to create your own VIP treatment.

On a random note... My room was a mess but i cleaned it, can you tell the difference in the below two photos?


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday - in pictures

Hey everybody, tonight i feel like posting lost of pictures but not a lot of words.

Today in a nutshell... the leak in my bathroom ceiling is worse, plus it's leaking in my bedroom now. Green tea is great when your feeling sick. A big lunch is important if your going to ride. Cleaning bikes is very rewarding, especially when it's 52 degrees in January and you can do it outside. 52 degrees in January also makes for lovely outdoor riding / picture taking. They put in a new underpass on the KC River front Heritage Trail. Plaques about past floods are great reminders of the power of mother nature. And finally, it's fun to watch bike racing on TV, especially when the World Champion is off the front.