Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday - in pictures

Pretty nice little Sunday today.

The cliff notes version... Ate breakfast at my favorite spot, snagged a seat at the bar, so necessary because it was crowded. That's my pancake too! Then some expresso and newspaper action at the coffee shop. Which was followed by bike riding. I was late to the sunday group ride so i forged on solo. The roads are sh*t right now but the sun was shining so it was a pretty nice day. Next week i will be commuting to work via bicycle for the first time. Probably only one or two days a week at first. i planned out the route today and am happy to say it includes this...

It was also extremely windy today and after a tough day like that you need Chipotle, and at Chipotle you need to park on the curb like a jackass since you know how much of a pain it is to use that parking garage plus you just washed your car the other day and it's poppin big time! Sometimes you have to create your own VIP treatment.

On a random note... My room was a mess but i cleaned it, can you tell the difference in the below two photos?



  1. Where were you riding in that video?

  2. antioch park at 67th and antioch. it's just the path thru the park. very short.