Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend Wrap Up Post - frozen pipes, bikes & McDonalds

Hey gang, it was a busy weekend and i'm beat so let's get to it...

Have i mentioned that the pipes to my shower froze? And also that the sealing above the shower is leaking. and also that the water dripping down from that leaking sealing has frozen in my tub and resembles a mini iceberg? It's a pain in the a*s, i like to have a working shower. Oh and the toilet is frozen too. That's also a pain in the a*s. Working toilets and showers are like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, you need both of them working at a high level, when you have that everything else falls into place.

Besides that the rest of the weekend went as follows...

Friday... After work i headed over to the bike shop to hang out and drink some beer. Hanging out with bike people is great and so is drinking beer. So great that for the past several months a steady stream of empty beer bottles have been collecting at the shop. Being that i'm recently obsessed with recycling glass bottles i saw this as a perfect opportunity and volunteered to recycle 'em. Turns out there were 90 bottles in there! I added them to the tally which i'm proud to say is now up to 180! After that i went home and watched Point Break, which was better than i remembered but it loses some steam in the second half. Plus Gary Busey dies in the end, not cool.

Saturday... i was motivated, so after a visit to the coffee shop i did two hours on the trainer while watching some great college basketball. MU beat K-State and Duke lost to Georgia Tech. After that is was time for an 'off site' shower (since mine resembles the ice planet Hoth) and finally the day ended with a lovely dinner (Taipia, baked sweet potatoes, corn on the cobb, spinich salad) where i didn't have to cook a thing. Those are the best kind of lovely dinners.

Sunday... Began with another 'off site' shower followed by a great Breakfast (Eggs over easy, hash browns, bacon, toast) where again, i didn't have to cook a thing. I love that. Then it was off to watch a local cross race...

it's too cold outside for me so i was spectating only. There were sketchy ruts and ice all over the course and people were falling left and right, it looked brutal, i was fine with not participating. Plus, while we were watching some dude gave us a couple of free McDonalds double cheeseburgers... which is nice. After that i hightailed it home to drink some Negro Modelo and catch the KU vs Tennessee game, KU lost, total bummer.

Besides all this i've been working hard on the 2009 Mix and i hope to post it (track list only, you wont be able to listen to it on this site) tomorrow, so stay tuned.



  1. Good pics. Good video of Dan. Garmin sucks, especially there waterbottles.

  2. soooo glad i dont live in that crappy apartment anymore!