Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Tuesday

A list of some of the actors in the movie, 'True Romance'...

Dennis Hopper
Val Kilmer
Gary Oldman
Brad Pitt*
Christopher Walken
Bronson Pinchot
Samuel L Jackson
Michael Rapaport
Saul Rubinek
James Gandolfini
Chris Penn
Tom Sizemore

oh, and the leading couple... Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater.

*His best roll ever. Period.

i popped this movie in the dvd right before i sat down to write this. It's ridiculous how many good actors it has. And if you don't know who Bronson Pinchot is, i suggest you get your head out of your a*s and check out a little movie called 'Risky Business'. He's the man.

Anyway... I'm gonna have to keep this brief since i just speant the last 30 min completing that 'True Romance' list and now it's late and im tired. After a late night at work i grabbed some Steak n Shake for dinner... it was gross. Grease was puddled up at the bottom of the french fry container. Once i got home i settled in (it's cold again) and ended up watching a great college basketball game. With the help of the amazing Devan Downey, South Carolina beat previously undefeated Kentucky. It was a great game and this Devan Downey kid was defiantly amazing! Dude's like 5-9 and he goes off for 30 points! He carried the team.

oh, and the hole / leak in my ceiling is almost fixed for good. Hopefully.

Vaya Con Dios


  1. True Romance ain't shit when you stack it next to Donnie Darko.

  2. I meant candle wax. Damn...I think I ruined it.