Sunday, January 3, 2010

Racing bikes when it's 12 degrees.

Hey everybody. It's Sunday night and it's about time to get back to regular life. The holidays are over and i have no vacations days in the near future so that means the 40 hr work week is back.

Anyway, as promised here is the report on the 'Street Cred' race i participated in yesterday. It was a time trial, about 2 miles or so, and the race time temp was 12 degrees. Check out the photo below, i wore almost all that. As i rode from my place to the start i kept thinking that due to the extreme cold there would probably be about 3 of us there, i mean how many people are stupid enough to go ride their bikes when it's 12 degree outside? turns out a lot!

i was thrilled to see at least 25 people with bikes standing around waiting for their start. One friend decided to wear his racing skin suit and ride a $14,000 bike (he dosen't own it,) he knew it was ridiculous so i think that's why he did it. The course was a simple out and back and they sent us off at one minute intervals. The first half was all uphill and therefore the second half all downhill. The downhill was actually worse due to the cold. i'm quite certain my hands have never been colder.

There was a 1/2 mile section of brick road which was tricky on the way back down. it's hard to control your bike when you cant feel your hands but then add a bumpy brick road and it becomes really interesting. The whole thing only took about seven minutes but that was plenty of time to become absolutely freezing. Luckily when i finished there was a warm car waiting so i could jump in and warm up. This was the first of 5 stages in the 'Street Cred' series and i plan on doing them all so stay tuned for more reports.

Oh yeah, we got more snow too!

i saw Sherlock Holmes today, the movie not the person. It was very entertaining. Robert Downey is great.

And now i have to get to bed, it's a new year and i have all sorts of lofty ambitions. including exercising a lot. i'll let you know how that all goes.

  • Random thought... some folks have commented on my poor spelling, sentence structure and grammar. I completely understand but all i can say is this, get used to it.


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