Friday, January 1, 2010


Hey gang. it's friday night, Romancing the Stone is on the dvd (i love the scene where they camp out in fuselage of the old wrecked airplane) and i'm currently rocking my slippers / snow pants, life is good.

Today's been pretty lazy (it's 10 degrees outside) and i'm enjoying it immensely. Yesterday, however was jam packed and one of the better nye's in a while. After a slow start to the morning i made it out to Stump park to watch a local cross race. Thank god the sun was shining because it was freezing out there. After that it was on to a small get together at the bike shop followed by dinner at Farmhouse in the River Market. The food was great. I recommend the hanger steak. The ice cream was great too, not so much the sweet potato pie. After that we met a friend at some random party out in op. He's a good friend and is visiting from out of town, otherwise i probably wouldnt have been in Overland Park when the ball dropped. i was hesitant about this party from the get go, and the fact that when we first got there most of the folks were hanging out in the garage didn't do much for me, but really we ended up having a great time. Another friend happened to be close by so she came along as well. We even made it down to Lou's in Waldo for a night cap.

We still have tons of snow and ice everywhere and that's definatly punctuated the events of the past few days. Plenty of the roads around here get no snow plow attention what so ever so driving can be like going on an arctic expedition. Walking's tough too, my friend wiped out big time the other night, right on this back and right on the pavement. Bam!

I woke up late today and remembered that i have a tradition of eating Windsteads on New Years Day. Bam!

2010 Resolutions...
  • Ride my bike at least 10 hrs / week
  • Live in the now but think long term
  • Cook a lot more
Random thoughts... Yesterday, the local radio station did theire top 96 songs of the decade. It was great but i hate that f'ing Kings of Leon song at #12, and just above the Strokes too! Absolutely ridiculous.

Tomorrow i'm doing a local bike race, it's day 1 of the 'street cred' series. The forecast calls for another day of 10 degree weather. stay tuned for a full report.


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