Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's get back to the movie 'Point Break'

So just the other day i watched the movie 'Point Break' for the first time in a long time, i mentioned this in a previous post and a friend sent me this funny observation...

Lindsay and I watched Point Break recently as well, and it definitely doesn’t hold up over the years.

I was thinking about how with the internet and all of the global communication these days, it would probably just take a simple google search for the gang to discover that Keanu’s quasi-famous character joined the police academy, and his cover would have been blown after the first day.

Bad Guy 1: “I’ve got a bad feelin’ about that Johnny Utah.”

Bodhi: “Nah, Johnny’s alright.”

Bad Guy 1: (pulls Blackberry from pocket and types for a moment) “Nope. His Wikipedia page says he’s a cop now. I bet he’s undercover.”

Bodhi: “Well, I’ll be damned. Alright, shoot him and dump his body in the ocean.”

The movie also got me thinking about Gary Busey, i absolutely love this guy so i thought i would share some interesting facts i recently learned.

  • He attended Pitt State (in Pittsburg, Kansas) on a football scholarship.
  • He was the last person killed on the long running tv show, 'gun smoke.'
  • He had a bad motorcycle accident in 1988 where he wasn't wearing a helmet. He fractured his skull and doctors feared permanent brain damage. This explaines a lot if you've seen Gary Busey on tv, the dude is not all there.
  • He want's to write a book of 'busey-isms.' That's his term for the creative acronyms he comes up with. Here are some examples...
  • Gone: Getting Over Negative Energy
  • Sober: Son Of a Bitch Everything's Real
  • Here's video of - Gary Busey on Letterman, 1990

So to wrap up the 'Point Break' post, i'd have to say that although it's not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination there is something about it that keeps me interested. The idea is fun -surfers dress up as ex-presidents and rob banks. The casting is great - you know all about Gary Busey but how about Anthony Kiedis as the meth head surfer, or John McGinley as the uptight FBI boss, or Tom Sizemore as an undercover DEA agent. And of course, 'Point Break' incluces one of the all time great movie names... Johnny Utah. That name is right up there with Sly Delvecchio from 'Passenger 57' and Snake Plissken from 'Escape from New York', but that's another story.

On a random note... below is a photo of my diningroom/bike rack.