Friday, January 8, 2010

Cell Phones Are Handy - An Arctic Journey

Tonight in a nut shell... Went downtown to a friends loft, 9th floor, great view. Drank some beer, watched some football, ate some pizza... then went to Walgreens to buy some cold soar medicine for my friend. Yep.

But the details of the evening are much funnier, and it has nothing to do with the cold soar.

This is a good story...

Work was over and after hustling to hit up both the bike shop and grocery i headed out to pick up a friend before heading downtown to watch the game at another friends apt. i felt crazy even leaving the house since it's almost zero degrees outside and the roads are s*it, but tonight's the national championship game plus i felt like getting out. so i get to my friends apt to pick him up and then realize i left my phone at work. this means i cant call him and tell him to come down. i go the the building's front door and look at the buzzer system only i cant remember his apt #. Im freezing my ass off so in a kind of cold frantic stabbing arm motion i ring 3 different numbers on the buzzer, hoping that someone will let me in. All three people come to the door, i felt like an a*shole. i figured maybe they could buzz me in or something, but no, it doesn't work like that. Three dudes age 15 to 50 come to the door in wife beaters and slippers. They were all from different apartments but i swear, they all had on wife beaters and slippers.

After apologizing for the disturbance i run upstairs, knock on my friends door, and then immediately realize that he's not there. He's been staying with his girlfriend for the past month. I totally forgot. No big deal, she lives close, i'll just high tail it over there and we'll be on our way. Except once i get there i cant get in her building either. The electric buzzer / intercom apparently requires an engineering degree to operate so i cant even get a random to come to the door, let alone the person I'm actually looking for. My next plan is to start throwing my half eaten cliff bar at their window. they were all great throws but after three shots there was still no visible activity in the apartment.

At this point im starting to get frustrated. I'm freezing and have absolutely know idea where this dude is. i decided the best plan is to head to Quicktrip and use the pay phone. It's funny but i cant remember the last time i used a pay phone, oh and by the way a call now costs 50 cents. So i get to the Quicktrip, wait for the sketchy guy to get done with the phone - then realize that i'm now the sketchy guy on the phone - put in my money, and of course it hit's me, i don't know his number. i haven't remembered anyone's number since i got a cell phone, they remember the numbers so you dont have to. luckily i do remember one number, another good friend, and thank god he answers. i say thank god because now i'm pissed. I'm standing outside a gas station using a pay phone in 3 degree weather and -15 degree wind chill and all i wanna do is go watch the f-ing football game.

So thank god my friend answers and then is able to use his land line to call my other friend, but of course while im waiting my time runs out and the line goes dead. Then i have to go back inside the gas station, get change for a dollar, then call back. Long story short, my friend was at a Bar on the Plaza. I had no phone so i never got his text. Jeez Louise.

So thats the story. I hope it was worth the read because it was definatly something to experience. I should say that once we got to our final destination it was a lovely evening. Too bad Colt McCoy had to get all jacked up.


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