Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A slow tuesday night in KC

I hate to say it but this blog is about to become less exciting. Not that it was that exciting to begin with but i all the partying and going out i was doing is now being replaced with bike riding and other forms of exercising. You see, last year was my first time racing my bicycle and i liked it, so now im looking forward to this year and the training has already begun.

Take tonight for instance, i went to the gym and then rode my home trainer for an hour while watching the original Matrix movie. Sure the movie was great but it's not that exciting for my rabid fan base. I'm looking at you A, that's my one 'follower.'

Ill still be out and about, just not as much, and not as drunk. I'm not sure if the being drunk part translated to the blog but i enjoyed it and i'd like to think that a sliver of that enjoyment made it into my post's. My less then stellar writing ability probably prevented that from ever happening but you can't stop a guy from trying.

Just look at the below photo, it's of me entering this post. How boring is that? Although actually it's cool in a art imitating life kind of way.

So perhaps i'm getting ahead of myself, maybe this is like that saying 'one door closes and another opens.' Maybe a whole new world of posting possibilities is now at my fingertips. Ill end on that note.

Auf Wiedersehen

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  1. I got a "shout out"..what what! ;) And yes, nice video!