Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday night in Kansas City - baseball bats and mtn biking

Hey everybody. It's friday evening now and i can already tell it's going to be a lazy night. Yesterday was fun though.

I keep a baseball bat in my office, it use to be sitting in our warehouse so one day i adopted it. I'm not a violent person but works been stressful and i feel like beating something with it, not a person but maybe my computer... or the fax machine. I should be okay though, bike riding is an amazing stress reducer.

So after work there was time for a quick change and then i was off to drink espresso and read some of the Star. I can't imagine what life is like in Haiti right now. It's terrible. For anyone interested... you can text 'Yele' to 501501 and it donates $5 to the Yele Haiti Organization. That's the one founded by Wyclef Jean. He seems like a good person. (Editors note, 1-17-10... Concerns have been raised about the accounting practices of Wyclef Jean Foundation inc. and Yele Haiti, you may want to donate your money elsewhere.)

Later in the evening i headed downtown for some urban mtn biking. Did i mention how awesome the new wheels and tires are? They are totally and completely bad ass. And i'm gonna keep hyping Volker Bicycles too, they made it happen. Whoop Whoop!

While i was out i snapped a photo of the 'still under construction' performance arts building, which is nice. Then i made a great, great dinner. grilled ckn , baked potato, broccili, carrots, tomato, butter and olive oil. Salt & Pepper. All cut up nice and neat. All in one bowl. Bam.

Finally i changed some tires and played with a new Garmin do-hickey. i like Garmin.



  1. no. Aubree borrowed it from Michael Ellis, i guess he works at garmin.

  2. Bad news for Wyclef, says the Associated Press...