Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Text Message of the Week - and a little baby

Hello everybody. My domicile has power again so i'm up and running at 100% efficiency.

This week's text has several different things going on. Obviously 'Preadator' is a totally bad ass movie, it needs no explination. Then there's the fact that it really takes you back in time to that instant when 'Predator' was on channel 72, were you watching? But what i like best is the refernce to a certain outstanding tv show, do you know the show?

Besides reading texts i also got in a ride last night, we had a good group, then we all dined at McCoys in Westport. Plus we got to hang out with the little baby. He's a cute kid.


  1. The best text message I ever got goes as follows:

    A few months ago, I went to bed early on a Thursday night. The next morning, I wake up and shuffle over to my phone and see someone left me a message. It's from an area code 785 number that's not saved into my phone, therefore I don't know who it is. It says:

    "Thanks for the great night last night."

    So I think to myself, "Did I somehow forget a great night last night?" But I quickly rule that out. So I respond with:

    "I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I know who this is."

    So this person responds with this (names have been changed):

    "This is Claudia, Claire Treehorn's sister."

    I have no idea who this is. So I change my tactics at this point:

    "Who do you think this is?"

    And she brilliantly responds with this gem:

    "Either Kyle or Tony, but probably Kyle."

    Classic! So she goes out with two dudes in one night, had a great time with both of them, but one of them clearly left her high and dry with the wrong number. But she's not even sure which, and she's not even sure who thank for whatever happened the night before. Sucks to be some people.

  2. i hope you saved her number, she sounds like a fun girl.

  3. I thought you weren't showing peoples faces on your blog! Benny's reputation is tainted!