Thursday, January 7, 2010

More snow in KC and the Jayhawks barely win at home

Today was a great day but first i have to say that the 2009 mix is not ready like i promised yesterday. What can i say... i'm a procrastinator.

Anyway, back to today. i got to leave work early due to the inclement weather so i headed strait for the coffee shop to devour and and all newspapers i could find (i'm a skimmer so this is pretty easy) and drink some good coffee. Then i watched KU barely beat Cornell with the help of a career night from Sherron Collins. Towards the end of the game my friend from out of state called for an update so i gave him the play by play for a little bit. I think i'm the next Marv Albert. After that was a quick dinner (microwave burritos, baked potatoe and carrots) followed by a walk around the neighborhood. i made some major despoits in the karma bank as i helped three different people whose cars were stuck in the snow. Only one got out, but i tried to help everyone.

KC has been getting major snow lately and were supposed to get 3-5 tonight. Today i read that they had to truck snow out of downtown for the first time since 1982. Mother nature kicks ass.

Tomorrow i think i'm headed over to a friends to watch the Texas - Alabama game. Go Big 12!


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