Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday night in KC - It's not freezing anymore.

Hey everybody. It's late and I'm tired so here's the day in a nutshell.

As 5 oclock gets closer and closer the sun begins to shine into my office, it's a great transition into freedom. As soon as work was over i grabbed a quick car wash (and by the way, the best part of the car wash is that you have to drive really fast down Ward Parkway to help the water dry off,) and then i immediately hit the homestead to grab the mountain bike, complete with my new Mad Max wheels and tires, thanks to Volker Bicycles for hooking it up. Oh, and the Mad Max thing is my own personal nickname for the wheels & tires. They're actually called something else. But they are brand new, and they are bad ass, and they do look like something Max would use, if his V8 ran out of gas.) They work great and made for an even more enjoyable wednesday night ride.

It hit 40 degrees today! that's warm. After the bike ride it was strait into the shower, which as you'll see is still having problems. Now the shower head is f*cked up so i removed it and it's like taking a shower under a hose, which surprisingly is not too bad. Next it was time for the KU - Nebraska bball game (KU won, i only partially watched but Sherron seemed to have another big night, i love that man) plus we had dinner at Coaches. Unfortunately, while at Coach's we didn't get around to playing shuffle board, maybe next time.


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