Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ava - and some other stuff - tar


It's late , or early, depending... it's 1 am on Saturday if you want to get technical.

I just got back from a Birthday party. Saw some old friends. We all have stories.

So on Thursday I saw Avatar in 3d... it was AMAZING. For at least half the movie my mouth was hanging wide open in shear amazement. The 3d really made it. i highly recommend going to see it, but if you go, be sure to go to a 3d version, it's soooo worth it. Plus the place we went had vibrating seats and amazing surround sound, which is nice. This woman next to us brought her little baby to the movie, kid was like 3 months, that's odd. The baby did not use 3d glasses. Besides that i've been trying to cook. Plus it snowed again but only just, and i ate some more birthday cake. This birthday happens to fall on the same day as Kansas Day... Kansas is 149 years old today! And Hank is 29!

Round 3 of Street Cred starts in about 12 hours. It's going to be an urban cross race down in the west bottoms. The weather will be cold, 26, but sunny and with a little snow on the ground. Bike choice is key because conditions could be trecherous, i'm thinking mountain bike, and really that's my only option since the breaks on the cross bike are shot and the snow appears to be to much for the road bike. Good, because i love this mtn bike! Gonna get my Mad Max on tomorrow!

Stay tuned for a full report... it's gonna be AWESOME!


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  1. Thank you so much scikc! Definitely worth staying up for! Let me know when you are done with that cake!