Tuesday, November 11, 2014

HPT Topeka CX and Veterans Cross in Leavenworth.

Saturday night at Topeka was awesome. 

Sunday afternoon in Levenworth was terrible. 


The open race was big for KC. 18. My start was fine but all the long fast sections were killing me. Almost dug too deep on laps 1 and 2 so had to slow up for a few laps in the middle. 

Started to recover towards the end which was good because there were actually people to race with. I had linked up with Pot Pie and we had somebody chasing us hard plus J Fox was close enough in front that we had a shot to catch him. 

Moments like this is why I worked to come back after the collar bone break. Racing people is fun. 

Mark from Velo Tek ended up catching us on the last lap or so but he slid out shortly after so Me and Pot Pie went back around him. I mumbled something about working with John to not get passed and to maybe catch Joe but he was into the race we had going between ourselves. 

We got to the final long strait grass section behing the bleachers and I was on Johns wheel and could feel that Velo Tek Mark would be coming around us and when he did I grabbed his wheel. 

That small moment was another keeper for the memory banks. It's the little things people. And when you've been getting crushed in the open race for three years the little things like that go a long way. 

So I jump on marks wheel but he immediately began to pull away. At this point I'm digging very deep and loving every minute of it. 

Very zen stuff. 

Especially negotiating the few remaining corners. When your on the edge but still riding clean(ish) it's a great feeling. 

Mark was close enough that I had a slim shot, and all the sudden J Fox was close, too. I kept going as fast as possible but we finished in that order. 

Finished maybe 16 of 18 and had a blast doing it. 

(Did get passed by 3 of the 3's. Last year at this race I managed to stay in front of all of 'em).


I showed up late and didn't pre ride. 


The 3's started at the same time as the 1's and 2's so I was excited and nervous to see where I would end up. I'm a slow 2 but maybe a okay 3?

Never got the chance to find out. 8 seconds into the race I crashed hard and could not continue. 

There was a slight bend in the long strait start and everyone in front of me kept comin closer and closer to not making the turn until the guy right in front of me, Mark H, was forced to go thru the tape. Except he couldn't go thru the tape b/c a spectator was crouching there and he was headed strait for her. 

So he did the only thing he could do and slammed the breaks. I ran into him and went up and over, landing on my head and breaking my prescription sun glasses and front wheel in the process. 

Race over. 

Mark felt bad and actually drove by my house afterwards to apologize again and make sure I was okay. That was an awesome gesture. I have no hard feelings. 

Neither Mark nor myself had pre-ridden so shame on us, but the start did seem narrow and throwing that little bend in there was a little sketch. 

Oh well, sh*t happens. 

I'm hoping to do two more races this year. Ending with the Parkville one. We'll see if I can find the time and motivation to train enough to give me a few more good experiences. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I raced cross this weekend, twice. Colavita Cup and Boulevard Cup.

This weekend was my return to racing after the collar bone break. 

It was awesome.

Saturday was Colavita Cup and Sunday was Boulevard cup.


Soon after I broke my bone I decided cross was off. Then I changed my mind. I've been pedaling my bike for the last 6 weeks with the last two being somewhat intense. 

It helped but I'm still terribly slow. 

Saturday was the perfect come back race. Free. Small field. No pressure. 8 starters, I finished 6th. 7th was way overmatched, way more so than me, and 8th missed his start. So I wasn't last. 

It was awesome just to be out there. 

(This is a terrible picture of me).


I figured the field would be bigger for Boulevard cup, and it was. But the turnout was still pretty low. 13 in the open race. I was 13, I wore it upsidown. 

Hung with the group longer than yesterday but still got destroyed. Back tire developed a slow leak and was completely flat with 4 minutes to go. Ended up running it in... In front of the entire 4/5 field who was staging. Everyone cheered. It was pretty f-ing bad a*s. 

Bicycles are the best. 

I love you all.