Sunday, November 2, 2014

I raced cross this weekend, twice. Colavita Cup and Boulevard Cup.

This weekend was my return to racing after the collar bone break. 

It was awesome.

Saturday was Colavita Cup and Sunday was Boulevard cup.


Soon after I broke my bone I decided cross was off. Then I changed my mind. I've been pedaling my bike for the last 6 weeks with the last two being somewhat intense. 

It helped but I'm still terribly slow. 

Saturday was the perfect come back race. Free. Small field. No pressure. 8 starters, I finished 6th. 7th was way overmatched, way more so than me, and 8th missed his start. So I wasn't last. 

It was awesome just to be out there. 

(This is a terrible picture of me).


I figured the field would be bigger for Boulevard cup, and it was. But the turnout was still pretty low. 13 in the open race. I was 13, I wore it upsidown. 

Hung with the group longer than yesterday but still got destroyed. Back tire developed a slow leak and was completely flat with 4 minutes to go. Ended up running it in... In front of the entire 4/5 field who was staging. Everyone cheered. It was pretty f-ing bad a*s. 

Bicycles are the best. 

I love you all. 


  1. Saw you a couple of times but never got to catch up with you. Great to see you back at it!!!!

  2. it's good to see you rounding again

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