Friday, August 22, 2014

Cathedrial Crits

Holy cow, those races were fun. 

Last Saturday and Sunday we had the Cathedrial Crits. I volunteered both days so it was an exhausting weekend. 

Due to our team chasing team kbar I raced the 4/5 both days, instead of the 3/4. I thought I could win, I could have, I didn't. 

Saturday I finished 5th of around 20 and Sunday I finished 4th of around 20. In both raced the team rode really well. Attacking, blocking, helping. I've never been in another race where we had that many strong guys on one team who were all riding as one. Fun stuff. 

I was stupid and let some small gaps open in the final two laps of both races which eliminated and chance at winning. Well, that was more the case on the 2nd day. We also hit lapped traffic both days which added to the difficultly of maintaining a good position. 

Saturday I found myself in limbo on the last lap and the one second it took me to commit to going all in was long enough to eliminate the chance of winning. Sunday was more of a lapped traffic issue but my memory is fuzzy so I don't want to place too much blame on that. We all had to get around it. 

I've raced a lot over the past 5 years but last weekend was, from a team perspective, the best ever. 

Day 1 photos..

Day 2 photos...

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