Saturday, January 16, 2010

Street Cred! - it's a bike race people

Today was stage 2 of the Street Cred series.

What is Street Cred you ask? it's a series of un-sanctioned/ guerilla bike races in kc. i guess it's been going on for four years but this is the first year i've done it. Today was a 'crit' race. About 10 of us did around 18 laps of a short loop thru side streets and parking lots. the race lasted 30 minutes, which is longer than it sounds.

For the start we laid our bikes on the pavement, and then stepped back about 50 ft...

When it was all said and done i think i finished in around 5th place. The official results haven't been posted yet. I fell about halfway thru and hurt my writst, nothing serious. Luckily it happened right in front of a group of people, i think they enjoyed it. The brakes on that cross bike suck big time. Oh, and the course was peppered with snow, slush and ice. That sh*t's been on the ground for the past three weeks! Oh, and also, parked along the route were two moving vans, with movers coming and going. Honestly though... it was a very awesome time and i'm glad i got to do it. How great is it to have really run racing that's practically in your backyard?!?!

After that we pedaled thru downtown (lots of fog today) and up to Parkville to check out a local Cross race and visit a nice bike shop. i rode in the car for the last part of the ride but not before i purchased a giant pixi-stick from a very pleasant gentlemen on the side of the road. Sorry, no pictures of that. Anyway, The bike shop had a Paolo Bettini signed Rainbow Jersey! Awesome. We also stopped to have a quick beer. On the ride home i noticed they butchered one of the trees in my neighborhood. The Boulevard Smokestack Series 'Double-Wide Indian Pale Ale' was and is lovely.

KU had a basketball game today but I missed it completely, that doesn't happen often. Nevertheless... i see they stomped Texas Tech. Marcus Morris had 20 pts. Whoop Whoop.

Ciao for now

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  1. I've got a pic of the gentleman you bought the pixie stick from here.