Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guest Writer - KU basketball thoughts

As promised... I have this friend who moved to KC about five years ago and over the years he's become a big fan of ku basketball. So big that he wanted to do some post game analysis for the somethingclassic blog. So, for what is hopefully the first of many, i present to you the guest writers thoughts on last Mondays KU - MU game.

in⋅ev⋅i⋅ta⋅ble [in-ev-i-tuh-buhl]

sure to occur, happen, or come; unalterable:

What is inevitable in the realm of college hoops? Well, a few things; such as John Calipari committing recruiting violations, Dick Vitale dry-humping Duke on a daily, weekly, yearly basis, and KU defending home court against the Tigers. What the nation saw on Monday night at Allen Fieldhouse wasn't a startling blow-out of a probable tournament team rather than the natural order of life in the Big 12. Perhaps the only surprising aspect of a convincing win in Lawrence was the reemergence of one Cole Aldrich as a legitimate inside scoring threat, something the Jayhawks desperately need to facilitate a late run come March. We all know that Cole's chipped tooth has helped in a number of ways: increased defensive tenacity, striking fear into the entire low-post corps of the opposition, and with the ladies (its common knowledge that chicks dig the chip), but what we hadn't seen this season was a truly dominating offensive effort from the KU
big man.

A quick glance at the stat sheet doesn't do justice to Cole's
offensive effort, 12 points on 5 field goal attempts. But, if you had watched the game (and if you didn't, wtf?), you saw the Jayhawks make a concerted effort to get the ball in the big man's hands on the block. The results speak for themselves. Not only was Aldrich efficient offensively, but he is extremely effective at facilitating their offense by passing out of double-teams, passing over the top of zone defenses to the talented shooters on the outside, and just drawing a lot of attention which gives KU myriad scoring opportunities. With this win Bill Self has a blueprint for the rest of the season, let the big man eat.

And in other news... i spotted a hawk on the drive to lunch today. Ate at Winsteads with pop and my 90 year old grandma. She used to eat at Winsteads way back in the 40's! After work we did some cold weather mountain biking and then dined at McCoys. Black and tan's were only $2.50. We had to get home in order to drink out of the Donald Duck Mug.