Monday, September 2, 2013

Gateway Cup day 3

Great race today. My result was just so so. 21st I think. 91 racers. but I was really in the mix. 

The course is a rectangle with a long uphill and a long downhill to the finish. Kind of sketchy but very fun. Two crashes almost took me out but I felt calm all race and paid attention to my surroundings. With two to go I passed where X was spectating and heard her say "perfect!". I was sitting fifth wheel approaching the last lap.

This weekend has been a good learning experience. I've never been this strong at an event this big. Being at the front at the end is Intense.Not getting boxed I'm in a big field is hard. 

I played it pretty well today. As we started the last climb I moved to the right, up next to the curb just behind the front if the group. For a split second I was going to initiate the fireworks but then that young kid from sound pony who I see everywhere this year slid right in front of me. So I waited another few seconds for what felt like the inevitable attack, it came and I responded immediately. That was fun. At the final turn I was maybe 12th. 

Then the long downhill killed me. I gave it everything I had but 145 pounds with compact gearing does not go down hill fast. So about 10 guys passed me. 

And I was just starting to think I was a sprinter. 

X also raced today and did pretty amazing. 13th I think, and her teammate Vanessa Ray won for the second day in a row!

KC in the house!


  1. Good seeing you there. Sounds like you are really starting to put the pieces together. I'm sure I'll see you at some cx races too.