Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gateway Cup Day 4

Wow. What a great weekend. 

Today, for scheduling reasons, I did the 4/5 race instead of the strait up cat 4. I liked my chances at winning. However I noticed a few other familiar faces on the line. Guys who had finished in front if me the previous days were also doing the 4/5.

The course is pretty great. Flat and dynamic, and in the shadow of the Budweiser Brewery. I was digging it. I had a good start but it took 3 laps for my legs to warm up. After that I was always in the top 10. I joined a solo rider for a short lived break (about 1 minute, does that even count as a break?) and then decided to follow wheels to the finish.

This weekend I've discovered that my sprinting skills arn't terrible. Plus today's finish was slightly uphill so that was good. 

My positioning probably should have been better sooner because I had to get creative around the last few turns to have a chance. On the second to last corner I took the inside line and really had to excellerate hard out of it to grab a wheel. I hit the last corner in 5th and finished 5th. The guy who won crushed us. Plus I think he's the same guy who crashed himself out in the first corner of the first lap of the Springfield, mo crit a few weeks ago. I never blogged about that but trust me, it was pretty amusing.  

So that's it. 4 Crits in 4 days. I came in well prepared and had what was easily my best race weekend ever. My racing on a road bike has seen a slow but consistent improvement since I started back in 2009. After this weekend I think I have it in me to be a legit cat 3. 

But I'm sure I can f that up!

Stay tuned.

I have to give a quick shout out to our wonderful friends who let us crash at their place the entire weekend. 3 nights is a lot but they welcomes us with open arms. People can be awesome. 

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