Monday, September 30, 2013

Manions Cross... Days 1 and 2

Where to start?

Manions cross was last weekend, the kickoff for the KC cyclo-cross season. I'd say we started off with a bang. The team really stepped up and put on a great party.

Saturday was a chilly and dreary mud fest, which we don't get very often around here, and Sunday was 75 and sunny. And it was f'ing hot in that sun. 

 I raced okay on Saturday. This is my second year as a cat 2 and its hard. Finished 14th out of 17 finishers. Lots of running. I'm not prepared for running. Immediately after finishing I jumped in the car and hauled ass home and them to a wedding in Lawrence.

I was scheduled for early morning volunteer duty Sunday and was up by 7. 
I think the wedding killed me (it was a fun wedding) because by the time my race started I could only muster one lap before exhaustion set it. I was totally spent.

I know I have the makings of a good cross season inside me. I just need to bring it out. Last year we got married in October so I was never fully committed to cross. Now I am and I want to go fast.


How about Garret's performance on Sunday?!?!  People are going to remember that for a long time. The weekend was packed with awesome but his ride may have been tops. 

I can't say enough about the amazing job our team did. Team Colavita / Parisi Coffee gets it done! Of course that would mean nothing if people didn't turn up to race so  local cx community deserves major props for showing up in force. 

I love this town!

Day 2

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