Tuesday, October 8, 2013

360 Cup CX. Days 1 and 2

360 cup cx... Day 1 and 2

Saturday was awesome. I felt pretty great. Unfortunately my great is only good for almost last in the open race... But at least it's something. 

Lets back up a bit...

I felt like i was flying back at the 4 day Gateway Cup race. That was my last race of the season on a road bike. 4 days in a row of Crits. Granted it was cat 4 and we raced 45min at the most (not the 50 min to 1 hr for these cross races) but I felt amazing back then.

Then we took a week long Mexican vacation (totally awesome!) and after that I was pretty sick for a week. So I lost a lot of fitness... but i know it's buried just under the surface.

Saturdays race confirmed that. Even though I was getting royally spanked I still felt in control. I wasn't dying every second of the way. Instead I was out of the saddle at will and riding with my head up. 

On top if that the course was great. Lots of fast turns.

My race might have been better but it took me a few laps to really warm up. I got in a descent pre race warm up but I had taken the previous two days off and lately that has been equalling poor performances. 

Day two was worse than day one. I'm not quite ready for back to back racing. After a pretty good start (ie 3/4 of a lap) I felt fatigued. Not nearly as much pep as the day before. If I could take the start from day two and combine with the rest of day one I would be halfway to a good result.


Would have finished last but had to quit halfway thru when I bent something riding over the mini barriers. 

I'm getting smoked everywhere but especially in the long strait sections. Most everyone else has several more speeds than I do.

Right now I'm like my 1990 Hyundai Excel but I'm hoping to move up to my 1993 Acura Integra by the end of the season... Although I may only be able muster my 1998 Mercury Sable. 

Day 2...

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