Monday, October 14, 2013

Cross Out Cancer

Raced cyclo cross at cross out cancer yesterday.

Fun course. 

Beautiful weather.

This was the smallest open race so far this year. 11 starters. My start was good plus I managed to avoid the early crash but any good fortune was quickly erased when I went into the tape twice in the first 1/3 lap and had to stop both times to untangle. I was riding like a recently escaped hamster. Mindlessly running into one wall after another.

That pretty much decided my result as everyone else was long gone by the time i figured out how to turn. Still, after about two laps of negative thoughts and introspection I started to feel stronger. And I kept getting stronger all race. That was fun.

The day before I did my longest ride in probably 6 weeks. Close to 3 hrs. Because of that I was worried about how today would go. Now I'm encouraged. If I can feel that strong after such a long ride it must mean I'm on the way up.

Maybe more important though is that I work on the non fitness stuff. Like turning. And pre riding the whole course multiple times. And showing up to the start line totally warmed up. I'm way out gunned when it comes to fitness but if I'm smart ill improve where I can.

I haven't had a complete race yet. Saturday at 360 cup was my best but still took a few laps to really get going. I want to put it all together at the right time. 

A quick note on the barriers at 360... I loved em. Anytime the barriers are set up In a way where u can hit them fast and leave them fast... its a good thing. It's fun. 

We need more barrier position like they had at Cross Out Cancer.

KC cross rules!

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