Sunday, October 20, 2013

Joules Cross, Day 1

I raced Cross yesterday. Joules cross in Lawrence, KS.

It was a perfect day. Chilly but sunny which meant bare legs and no gloves. For some reason I'm always happier when i can comfortably ride without gloves. 


It was one of those days where everything just came together. More so for stuff outside the actual race than the race itself, although I think my race was pretty good, too.

X and I had tickets to the days ku football game so I couldn't do the open race. Luckily the single speed race was at the perfect time and Britton happened to have his brand new custom titanium single speed available. So I rode that, was... awesome.

Light and fast and beautiful. I'm mean just look at that thing! It's a fu*cking work of art!

Contact Britton at Volker Bicycles. He's got the hookup for custom titanium frames and he wants to hook you up. You deserve it. It rides like a dream.

This was to be my first ever single speed cx race. Maybe 8 to 10 of us lined up and I got a good start.

Joe f. took off immediately and in the first 1/4 lap I got around teammate Michael e for 2nd. Shortly after that Evan f and teammate Matt y passed me. Then 
Maybe a lap later got passed by someone I didn't recognize and was sitting 5th.I kept him in my sights and ultimately made up around 15 seconds to pass him in the last lap and finish 4th.

After getting destroyed in the open races it was nice to be actually competing with people. 

Single speed was physically hard but not too hard to get the hang of. Plus I swear I'm close to some pretty good fitness. 

I'm racing day two of Joules today, open this time, hoping for a good showing.

The football game was great. We lost but it was still a perfect fall day in Lawrence with my lovely wife. 

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