Friday, October 18, 2013

Thursday in KC

Note: this all took place yesterday but my phone wouldn't publish it till today.

Some days you're feeling it. Feelin like ridin. Feelin it so much you don't even need to use the "g".

Today was that day. 2pm rolled up and all the sudden I couldn't wait to jump on my bike.

At 2pm I'm at work, but that don't mean I can't get excited about pedaling! And make a plan.

Probably need a more detailed plan.

Riding your bike is a great stress reliever but it's even better when you don't have much stress that needs relieving. That meant getting my work done so I could have a clear head.

It was a manageable amount of work but never the less my ever increasing anticipation of pedaling my bicycle called for some upbeat iPod music to kickstart things.

I typically suffer extreme hunger pains around 3:30 and if I plan on riding a snack is a must.

The work day ends and I'm out the door on time. NPR is talking about our government. Humans are a bunch of idiots. I hate it, i listen anyway, for a bit.

Traffic is surprisingly light and now I'm on 96.5 the buzz. Tame Impala. 

The light traffic and shining sun make ideal conditions for a coffee shop pit stop. I'm lucky to have a good shop w/ outdoor seating on my way home. Homers coffee house. Check it out. 

Home but before I can ride I need to water the new grass seed. It's coming in nicely and we're getting the hang of this home ownership thing. Just dont ask about the clogged shower we haven't addressed for 3 weeks.

Now... It's ride time.

I've developed a route recently. It's pretty dialed in.

If I have an hour, which is the plan for this ride, I go to the Plaza and back. Tip, ride up by the Raphael and then by the Library. Good way to easily get out of the Plaza.

Then, in a nice surprise, I ran into Joe Fashion and the Brookside ride.

They happened to be headed my direction. Home. 

Riding your bike is great, especially when you really want to do it. Thankfully for me that's almost every time. I'm lucky.

I hope this doesn't feel to self serving. More so than the typical blog post. Just tryin to do a little entertaining. 

I appreciate your time and hope you find your own little piece is heaven. For me, it's post ride beer and string cheese with a side of mini pumpkin.

Warning: PDA

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