Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Joules Cross, day 2

Well, I had a post typed up but accidentally erased it. 

In a nutshell... Did the open race and had probably my best cross race of the year. Great start, great middle, great end. 

I'm still getting destroyed by the majority of the field but I'm getting destroyed a little less each time. Except for the very fastest guys, pretty sure I'm losing even more ground to them. I mean, Joe s lapped me with 4 laps to go, for cryin out loud!


Psyched for what's next.

These next few weeks feel like the meat of the season. Boss cross, Colavita cup and boulevard cup, then HPT in Topeka. 

For the first time in my racing career I'm skipping jingle cross so I'm lacking my usual focal point. this ruts and guts race in Oklahoma sounds interesting, though. It would be nice to take a trip and race some other folks.

We still have a lot of cross to go and my motivation is still thru the roof.

Fill it up again!


  1. Why are you skipping Jingle Cross? Oh yeah... X has a derby game! Yes, I'm shameless promoting our bout...November 17th, 2pm, Winnwood Skate Center, be there!