Sunday, June 19, 2011

Juan Pablo Dotti @ Tulsa Tough

I took tons of photos at the Sunday Tulsa Tough race. The scene on cry baby hill is such that you could take a photo with your eyes closed and probably get a keeper. I intend to post small bunches of these photos over the course of the week. Doing it all at once is too overwhelming.

Plus i'm trying to find a middle ground between full blow blogging and full blown hiatus.

Juan Pablo Dotti got second in the Pro / 1 race. I happened to be at the pit when he was getting his pit bike, then i snapped several good photos of him as he was in the winning two man break for the last 10 or so laps.

A wikipedia search says he's 28 and from Argentina.

(Jose the sram dude hooks Juan Pablo up with a pit bike.)

(They had one police officer to keep order on cry baby hill. He was cool. This is him signaling one lap to go.)

(The roar of the crowd was amazing as they came around for the last time.)

So Juan Pablo took second on a pit bike. The guy who took first is also from Argentina.

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