Monday, October 17, 2011

Last weekend (Marathon relay and Joules Cross)

Last weekend was full of exercise.

Saturday was the team relay for the Kansas City Marathon. This is the 4th year i've done this, lots of fun. It's a five person relay, i ran the final leg, 6.4 miles. The Kansas City Marathon is a pretty big deal, i think 11,000 people participated this year. My leg started down by UMKC then zigzagged over to the paseo and then north to about 18th st before finishing at crown center. Out team, Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties finished 5th overall. A great day.

Here i am streaking to the finish, in yellow.

Sunday was Joule's Cross in Lawrence, KS.

This was an awesome event. Food, beer, payouts, fun course. Pow!

I did the 3/4 race. It paid out to 5 spots so i thought i would win money, i didn't.

I'm too tired to do a recap, but i finished 8th. Not what i was hoping for but better than a kick in the head. I came away from this race thinking two things, attack and believe in yourself... Okay three things, attack, believe in yourself, and pizza and beer is a great combo.

Joe, i'm coming for you.

Enjoy the photos

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  1. uh and joe going at it on the interwebs....colavita lovin!!!

    just you both wait until I get a 16 lb. carbon cx bike with gears...then you ALL are done for.