Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Hey Everybody,

Just checking in.

2012 has been crazy hectic with work going into hyper drive since Jan 1... but the last 7 days in particular have been off the charts busy.

We moved.

After a non stop weekend of boxing, lifting, recruiting, u-hauling, lifting and un-boxing, we're finally halfway settled in the new pad.

After looking at the great pic's from Street Cred stage 1 i was kicking myself for not going, i actually had a small window between moving duties but i just didn't have it in me plus X probably would have stared a hole right thru my skull if i rode off to participate. Not that i would blame her. i was however comforted knowing all you corncobs were huffing and puffing up the 'lord of the rings stairs' off Broadway Blvd. You like those? I do. Thats why i got 'em included in the race. Yep, i'm taking credit for that.

I'm awesome.

So.... the candle burning continues tonight with the Wednesday night urban mountain bike ride.

We leave Latte Land on the west side of the Plaza at 630. Not the Latte Land by the North Face store. Ride for 1.5 to 2 hrs at a medium pace. It's fun.

After that you can come over and help me unload more boxs.

p.s. the new pad is the bomb.

(no photos, too busy!)

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  1. you'll have to go on a ride to figure that one out