Saturday, May 19, 2012

31 pictures from the Tour de Grove... w/ captions

Hey Gang,

It's been a while.

Last weekend X and i drove out to St Louis to race 2 of the 3 days at the Tour de Grove.

Here's way to many pictures of the weekend...

Quite brian living up to his nickname... and having trouble wearing a seat belt correctly.

Me post race on friday night. Thats the face of someone whose happy with their race.

Britton in the 2/3 race. Every time i saw him he was sitting top 10 and looking fresh. He had a great weekend.
A sign of maturity, bringing a home cooked and healthy meal to the race. Salmon, Quinoa, carrots, green beans. Some bring it, some dont.

X in the Pro 1 / 2 race. Her first crit race of the year was a shock to the system but she didn't do herself any favors by picking the Tour de Grove to start off. There were some fast women in that field.

Brad Huff wins the Pro 1 / 2 race and fellow Springfield native Xcelerator gets excited.

Bodie, he's a dog, he's cool.

It was a Cappuccino.
Day 2, awesome course, flat with lots of turns.

Stephen the mechanic. 

I love racing but i also love being done with my race and then riding around and taking photos. That's my bike in the grass.
Britton sitting towards the front again. I want that bike.

Lyles in the 2/3 race.

David bringing up the rear of the 2/3 race. 

Find a shady spot and eat some fruit.

The course offered numerous photo opp's.


See the motorcycle up on the sidewalk on the right? I'm not sure what he was thinking but he had to go up there becsue he took the turn way to fast, one of the lead rides followed his line and then calmly hopped the curb, rode in the grass (right by me) and then got back in the front of the pack. He was a cool customer.

Post race, heart rate monitors are for wimps, Brian.

X helped to start a new women's team this year. Here she assists teamate Emily with some number pinning. I call this an action shot.

That's me in front of the Handlebar. It's a bar and grill in St. Louis.

Appropriate decor inside the Handlebar.

The sprint for Saturdays Pro 1 / 2 womens race. X skipped todays race.

Close up of the first 3 riders. The first gal is Laura Van Gilder. She's 47 and apparently kind of a big deal. Older people can be fast.

One of these men is an amazing sprinter and one of them is an amazing dresser, do you know which is which?



The Grove is a pretty progressive neighborhood. 

A picture of me taken by me wearing a t-shirt of myself and posted on my blog. I'm pretty cool.

The pro 1 / 2 men.

A good picture to say goodbye with. Goodbye.


  1. I thought the Joe pic had it until this winner:

    "A picture of me taken by me wearing a t-shirt of myself and posted on my blog. I'm pretty cool."

    Love ya SC.