Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm getting married on Friday and this is my excuse for my poor performance at day 1 of Joules Cross

So i'm getting married on Friday. It's pretty exciting, and overwhelming.

I actually dont think the upcoming wedding was the reason for my poor performance, or at least not initially. Everythign leading up to my race on Saturday was good. Ate well, warmed up well, mood was good... but as soon as the whistle blew it felt different. I wasent into it. A big part of that was that i felt bad from the get go. i couldnt even get on the wheel of the dude right in front of me on the first pass thru the start finish. He was right there but i couldnt do anything about it. I tried for another lap but then sat up and after another half lap i quit.

right before i sat up i started thinking about wedding stuff, not so much all the stuff we still have to do but more how it would justify my quitting. "i've got a wedding in 6 days so i dont need to be messing with this crap".

So i quit. It sucked.

I skipped day 2 in order to clean the house.

So thats it until the Heartland Park race in Topeka, followed by Jinglecross.

I'll be taking around 15 days off the bicycle for the wedding / honeymoon and looking at the calendar i see i have 11 days to train once we get back in town. I'm already slow and i'll be really slow upon my return and 11 days is not a lot of time to get faster before doing the cat 2 races at Jinglecross. Considering my current fitness level i'd say i can do very little with 11 days. I'm hoping to run everyother day on the honeymoon. Some people think thats crazy but i like running and running on vacation can be a lot of fun. That said we'll see if i actually follow thru with it. 

Maybe i can do two a day workouts upon my return. Maybe.

Or maybe i'll just go to Jinglecross and have fun regardless.

Unless i come back from the Honeymoon extremely motivated i think this cross season is already as good as it's going to get and because of that the 2013 road seasome has already started creeping into my mind.

All that can wait though, marrage first.

I really am a lucky guy.


  1. hey good luck on friday, buddy. don't shit your pants.

  2. Congrats on the Wedding tomorrow. Don't sweat the training for Jingle Cross. We'll suffer through it together.