Friday, November 16, 2012

Leaving for Jingle Cross in a few hours, it's going to be ugly. Last weekends Topeka race helped prepare me for the impending blood bath.

(fyi... i've fully accepted that my cross season is pretty much over so while this post is filled with examples of my suckyness it does not reflect my state of mind. Like the Team Segal guys say, "superior attitude, superior state of mind.)

I raced the topeka cross race last Saturdays and it really sucked that i sucked because that course if fun.

A quick re-cap...

X and i returned from our Honeymoon on Monady at 3pm and it wasent until Friday that i felt like i was over my Honeymoon hangover. The time difference of 5 hours effected me but also just coming from paradise to cold Kansas City was a hard adjustment. Dont get me wrong, i love it here, but Paradise is also pretty nice.

Plus you think that after a wedding is over, it's over. Not so. Our house was still filled with box's, planning stuff, more box's. A wedding is not over until about 3 weeks after it's over.... from my experience.


Upon returning from the honeymoon (and two weeks of no riding) i got in 3 rides before Saturdays race. The last one was Friday and i probably went to hard for too long. Im pretty sure the weather was great, and it felt so good to be riding that i didnt care what remifacations it would have on the next days race. Besides, some of my best races came after a really hard ride the day before, although i think i was much more fit at that point. So Saturday afternoon X and i drive out to topeka and i arrive with maybe 1.5 hours till race time. I manage to use about 15 of those minutes to warm up. In the back of my mind i know it's not going to be pretty but i keep thinking "maybe all the rest will do me good and i'll go really fast tonight".

This did not happen.

Perhaps, if i was really fit going into the wedding / honeymoon than the rest would have done me good, but instead it just made a slow guy even slower.

Like i said, it was really a shame i wasent faster. This course is fun AND we had a great turnout in the 1-2 race. Something like 19 guys.

I started in the back and stayed there. The first lap was really fun. I was pushing the pace on the twisty secton of the infield (because i was getting my butt kicked on the long strait sections) and saved a potential washout with a quick dab of my foot. It was a fun move that made me feel like i was right in the race. Thats really all i have to hang my hat on, which is sad. Halfway thru the second lap i quit. Im not sure if i reached full blow up mode or if I could just sense that i wasent going to be able to keep up with anyone, but things got really hard and there was nothing my body could do about it so i quit.

I enjoyed the rest of the night, drinking and taking pictures (which i might post at a later date) and felt surprisingly okay with my short race. Mentallly i'm about 3/4 of the way out the door of the 2012 cyclocross season. To hasten my way out the door i had the 24 hour flu this past Wednesday. That sucked. Dry heaving green bile is gross.

So im about to go to Jingle Cross as a Cat 2 and i'm severly underprepared.

X is the smart one, she's not racing.

I knew i married a smart gal.


  1. It's coming. i was doing it on Friday and apparently i've used up all my free picture space on blogger (1 gb) so now if i want to post pictures i have to start paying. I'm going to pay but i have to get around to it.