Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tour of Lawrence Circuit Race

Cat 4

This is one of my favorite races. Last year i had my best finish ever, i stayed with the front group until the final climb of the race and i finished 15th. I'm not as strong as i was last year so on the drive to lawrence i told myself not to blow up trying to stay at the front and just do what i could but nothing more.

Our race was 5 laps. 5 very hilly laps. They changed the course due to construction and took out almost all the flat parts.

At the end of the first lap i knew i would get dropped. I lost contact as we crested the final climb on the 2nd lap. The ensuing downhill was all headwind so i had no chance of catching back up.

I kept a good mental state thru all this and pretty soon joined up with 2 others, then 2 more. We rode around in a not so smooth rotation and i eventually crossed the line in 25th. Despite getting dropped is was a lot of fun. hooking up with the other riders made it much more enjoyable. Plus there were plenty of fast corners to spice things up.

It's a little weird to be slower than i was last year. This is really the first time thats happened. I was so bad when i started racing in 2009 that there was no where to go but up. Now i think i've reached a point where i need to train more, or better, or both.

Lawrence Crit race is today!

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