Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Last weekend... Spring Fling and the Jacomo Gentleman's Race

This was a busy weekend. Raced spring fling (instead of the final stage of Street Cred) on Saturday and then did the Jacomo Gentlemans race on Sunday with Joe and John.

Skipping Street Cred was tough but I'm on a mission this year so what better way to solidify that than by missing Street Cred (free and certainly a lot more fun than Spring Fling) for Spring Fling (not free and not nearly as fun as Street Cred).

In a way, the internal battle I underwent in the decision between racing Cred or Spring Fling had me feeling like Charlie Sheen in Platoon... I've got Elias (fun loving "doping encouraged" Street Cred) and Barnes (conservative "no doping, please" Spring Fling) pulling my soul in opposite directions. The way it plays out in the movie, Barnes (spring fling) tries to kill Elias (street cred) because he's sick of his hippy, pot smoking, liberal, your not a conservative drunk redneck (okay, not sure he was a redneck) and your not cool with the rape and murder of a small Vietnamese village, ways. Elias (Street Cref) survives only to be gunned down by the Viet kong. 

Ultimately Sheen (me) kills a wounded Barnes (Spring fling) as revenge for being the cause of the death of Elias (Street Cred).The end. 

As i was Charlie Sheen in this scenario I was assured of the fact that whatever I choose, I'd be winning. 

I am, after all, the defending Street Cred Champion!

In the end I choose Spring Fling... But I do plan on naming my first dog, Elias. 

Spring fling turned out to be awesome. The weather was amazing and it was a little surreal seeing everyone again. I felt great in the 4/5 race but killed myself in the headwind with one to go and finished around 12th. Plus I need to remind myself that this is a points race (was in prime position for an immediately sprint but didn't go for it). Also did the 3/4 race but cramped up and pulled the plug after about 20 min.

Sundays Gentlemans race was pretty sweet. Teams if three went off every few minutes for a 56 mile course. And so began the "draft off John" day for Joe and I. Okay, we did contribute but John was way stronger than both of us. 

It was a great workout ( at least for Joe and I) and we had a blast.

Bicycles are back, baby!


  1. Update: it appears we can fill in the blank spot on 2008 and it's the same name that's going in for 2014. Nate Schotanus! Certainly one of KC's finest.