Friday, July 18, 2014

Catching up, Tour of Lawrence, Truman Cup, State Line Road Race

It's been busy times around these parts but here's what's been happening on the bike front...

Tour of Lawrence - Campus Circuit:

Started at the back and used a crap ton of energy not getting dropped on the first two laps. Felt like I was under attack almost all race but did manage to move up at the beginning of the last lap... ultimately got dropped as we approached the final climb. Blew up big time and had a terrible result. 

Fun course. Blown opportunity.

Tour of Lawrence - Crit:

Rode around in circles and did a pretty good job making the laps as easy as possible. Was still unable to turn that into a good finish as I ended up 11. One spot out of the money. Not a bad finish but not a good one either, at least compared to what I thought I was capable of. 

Truman Cup Crit

Skipped the 4/5 race in favor of the 3/4. Glad I did. Rode first few laps in top 10 but was using too much energy. Moved to the way back and chilled there till one to go. Felt better all the sudden and moved up big time for a 7th place finish. Very happy with that. 

Plus my awesome wife took this awesome picture. This was corner 1 of the last lap and I was in hyper aggressive move up mode. 

State Line Road Race

Took 6th last year and it's a good course for me. This year I apparently came in dehydrated and lacking endurance b/c after 4 laps of smooth sailing I felt the cramps coming and halfway thru the last lap my right hamstring basically locked up and I had to quit. 

Oh well. 

Didn't take any pictures so here's a random one of my cat from the other day.  

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