Saturday, February 21, 2015

I Rode My Bike Today.

I rode my bike today.

That's news worthy for me, given the way things have been lately. We have a 2 month old kid. 

He's awesome. 

Today's ride was a recon ride. Starting in March I plan to commute to work via bicycle. Three days a week at first. The route has now been established and its a good one. Takes about 35 minutes one way and hopefully I can stretch that to 1.5 hrs for a once a week adventure ride on my way home.

It includes a bit of the Turkey Creek paved trail plus about 15 feet of hobo single track underneath 75th st. So it's time to put some beefy tires on the road bike. 

I'm looking forward to this, never really commuted via bicycle before. 

I will race this year. When and where and how out of shape I'll be remains to be seen. 

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