Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tour of KC

Raced Tour of KC this weekend. Skipped the time trial but did the cliff drive circuit race and the cross roads crit. 

Cat 4. 

In the circuit race I got dropped first time up the goose neck climb but soldiered on until getting lapped at the bottom of what was the lead groups final accent of said climb. Disappointing but not surprising. I stayed positive throughout. 

Had my phone on me so took a picture of the group as they lapped me. They were going a lot faster than I was. 

Once the race was over I hurried home and little man and I went to watch mom do the Roller Derby. Her team won and they play in the championship in two weeks!

Sunday was the crit. This was the first year at the new cross roads location and the course was awesome. starting at the back was a terrible idea. I should have trusted my abilities and lined up earlier but I was nervous about crashing and knew the back would be less stressful, from a crashing standpoint. And when I say the back I mean the very back. In an ideal world I would have tail gunned for 15 minutes while getting comfortable racing a crit and then moved up during a massive slow down. The world is not an ideal place. Think I lasted 10 minutes before getting dropped. 

Still I was pleased to see I had two or three hard efforts in me as I closed a few gaps early on. 

Hooked up with some other dropped folks and road around for around 30 min total before I called it quits. 

The race seemed pretty blown up. Looking back I'm upset I dropped out but I blew up a second time as I tried to join in when the lead group lapped me and that was enough. 

I used a heart rate monitor and 188 was the highest number I saw. I'm 36 years old. 

These were my first raced on the road bike since (I think) Tour of Lawrence last year. Hopefully up next is the mountain bike race at Wyandotte and then the Tour of Lawrence. 


  1. Love an SC blog post, Ray's kit looks good on you.

  2. Yo, next weekend just give me $30 and I'll try to drop you for 10 min. Then we can drink beer. I'll buy. Win win, right?

  3. People still read this!!!