Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swope Park, If it makes you feel good...

Hey Gang,

So i made my way down to the Swope park mtn bike trails tonight.


It's a lot of fun down there... hard, but fun. Plus it's fun just getting there, from my place you can take the trolly trail, then Gregory blvd, then boom! You're there.

I'd like to say that i went Ric Ocasek all over those trails but the truth is havent been on a proper mtn bike trail in about 3 months so i think i've lost the feel. i better get it back soon because R.I.M. is coming up!

I think i'll head out there tomorrow too since they do 'show and go' races every thursday.

Be there or be square, daddy-o.



  1. swope, nice. you've lost the whats hot, things recycled, etc.

  2. get some sun on those upper arms