Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend wrap-up... lot's of biking.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. Critical mass, night out on the town, mtn bike race.

Bing Bang Boom.

Critical was fun despite the fact that i witnessed a near accident that could have been really ugly. You'd think that people about to run a red light would look both ways. Thank god the driver was paying attention. On a lighter note, a little later i stopped to block an intersection as everyone else rolled thru and the guy in the car i was blocking rolled down the window and said 'is this critical mass?... man, i missed it!' He then proceeded to to tell me to go on ahead and that he would block the intersection. He angled his car and put on the flashers. It was pretty funny, and this guy was wearing a tie too! i guess tie people are people too.

The night out on the town was lots of fun. Getting drunk usually is. My advice go to the R bar for dinner and then go to Harry's in Westport and hang out with old blue eyes.

The Mtn bike race was a blast. Yes i made the podium but that's pretty easy when there are 4 dudes in your race (three hr marathon class.) Still, the trails at Perry Lake, KS are tons of fun and the weather was not too dreadfully hot. The Mad Max wheels* were in full effect and i felt like i was flying.

Plus i even did a little motor pacing for a friend on the way home.

*Yes, Max get's seriously f-ed up in this clip but only because the other car has nitrus, that's basically the equivelant of doping. Without the nitrus Max would have smoked those fools. Those leather clad apocalyptic psycho killers later tested positive and were banned from terrorizing the highways for two years. During this time they moved on to unsanctioned crimes like stealing candy from babies and ripping tag's off mattresses. Sure, they returned once the two years was up, but the sense of zest and gusto they brought to sadistic killing was gone. They no longer had that ultra high gear necessary to rise to the top of all psycho killers. You can check out their book 'Positively Psycho, the real story of how we raped and pillaged the Australian out back' here.


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  1. awesome times, ah thats what life is all about.

    that is by far the best shot of me on a bike i've ever seen. i'm totally stealing it.

    btw--the brockets gave me a little 30 mph ride a little later too :) damn fun day on the skinny wheel bike.