Friday, August 6, 2010

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Hey gang,

So still lot's of riding going on. Where am i ultimately riding too? What's the point of all this? Why even get out of bed when you could just pop a pill? no clue, but pedaling you're bicycle around is a nice way to spend a few hours of your day.

Music (i've posted this before, but it's so good...)

So first off we got a cat/kitten. or more accurately, my roommate got a cat/kitten. Tuna, he's cool.

Next it was off to Swope Park to do the Thursday night show-n-go race mtn bike race. i was late and jumped in half way. More and more people are showing up for this... first it was 5, then 9, now about 11. i would have made 12 had i been on time. Can't make it next week but ill be there the week after!

After some post race beers (on the house thanks to the boulevard team! thanks blvd team!) i booked it back to my hood and then proceeded north on main st, i was headed to the west bottoms. It's just so much fun down there. Around about the Gates BBQ on Main St i ran into this dude. He was a nice carrot to chase down and that was made even more fun given my low tire pressure mad max V8 interceptor mtn bike, sure he was smoking a cigarette, but i got him. We said hi. It was cool.

After dodging train tracks and foul odors in the west bottoms it was time to head home. The night was over and i had some Minsky's pizza to enjoy.

p.s Someone got new bar tape. not me, but someone none the less. Keep your eye's out for the bubble gum express rocketing thru the plaza.

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  1. Hi there! Do you happen to know the brand of this bar tape?