Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's baaack... Manions 2.0!

Hey Gang,

Did i mention that Jayhawk Basketball has started? Oh, and we had another cross race today... MANIONS 2.0!


So today was a cross race put on by the cycling team i'm a part of. We used the same venue as last time. It was a fun, hard, hilly, ocassionally windy course.

Manion's aint for baby weenies.

I'd say the course was about power and not so much skill. But i really dont know what the f' im talking about.

One thing i do know is that it take's a lot of folks to put on a cross race, and while it's a lot of work, its absolutely worth it. The people who come out and donate their time and sometimes more are what makes the KC Cross scene so great.

Keep it up KC!

As for my race... did the 3/4 race. Finished 3rd out of about 16. The field was small but the racing was good. After a slow (ie conservative) lemans start by me, i was near the very back on the first long straitaway. This strait away was a brutal head wind stretch but i luckily rode my friend's wheel all the way thru it. He pulled me up a few places so despite the bad start things were good. After two lap's i had ridden my way up to 2nd, but that ended quickly when i got some tape wrapped around my rear cassette. That put me into 4th. The tape had wrapped around multiple times but after a quick stop and check i decided to just pedal thru it.

I think it was the right decision. After about 1 lap the tape had worked into the cog's, in a good way, so that every gear was again an option. With about 1 lap to go I was sitting in 3rd place but that's as far as i would get. I came close to 2nd, especially on the last pass over the hills when i gave it everything i had, but it wasn't enough. He beat me by about 15 seconds.

No worries though, i was happy, plus i started drinking tall boy's of Tall Grass Beer almost immediately upon crossing the finishing line.

Just one great moment of a day chock full of 'em.


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