Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Cross racing... Joules and Veterans cross

Hey Everybody,

So this weekend we had two cross race's in lawrence, KS.


I love Lawrence. Both race's were in the same location. For the second day they changed about 1/2 of the course.

The beautiful weather continued in our little corner of the midwest and each day was sunny and pleasant, but with plenty of wind thrown in for good measure. The course(s) was kind of like a mini Manions. More so the first day than the second. Flowing and hilly but this time with a bumpier / rockier surface.

Lately it's been so dry here so i think everything is bumpy.

I did the 3/4 race both days and both day's went well.

For day number one i warmed up on the ultra handy and convenient warm up oval. it was very handy and convenient, seriously. the field for the 3/4 race was about 21 strong and i had a good start. Around half way thru the race i had ridden up to 4th place. the hill's helped. Lately i've discovered that my 145lb frame is making it easier to go up hill, so i try to use that to my advantage. Ultimately two folks caught me and i ended up in 6th. I was very happy with that. i battled with 5th place for a while but in the end he was stronger.

As usual, the 4's race was the most exciting to watch but the open race also had it moments.

Day two was more of the same. Same Venue, similar corse, same cast of characters... plus about 5 more.

My start wasn't quite as good but about halfway thru the race i began to feel better as it became easier to turn a bigger gear. i felt good. A quick word on the mud section... initially i bitched out and ran around it, but then i came to my senses and ran thru it. I saw more than a few folk's run around it, and whose to say they were in the wrong (there was no course tape or cones to make clear you couldn't run the grass instead of the mud) but it became obvious to me what the deal was. The mud was good, so i ran it every-time after the first two laps. i have to give thanks to teammate aw for this, from what i saw in the open race he was the only one who ran thru it. I guess he inspired me.

When it was all said and done i finished somewhere, i think top 10. Both day's were lot's of fun. The team had a good showing and people seem to be getting into the flow of cross.

Two more races next weekend... i'm addicted!


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