Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Fling

I drove up to Lawrence today for the final Spring Fling of the season, and maybe ever?

I did the 4's race and the 3/4 race. The 4's race was first. This is my third year racing road bikes and today was the first pack finish i've ever had. As in i always got dropped. Not this time, baby!

I probably crossed the line in 20th, nothing to write home about, but who cares. It's a new dawn! I'm even more encouraged that on the last lap i had more than enough juice left to stick my nose in the wind and move up thru the field, going from the very back to top 15 and putting myself in descent position for the sprint. Unfortunately i made my move on the inside so when that sharp right hand corner before the finish came i got a little boxed in. That didn't stop Ty, he came into the inside of that corner hot, and held it. I had a front row seat to witness his impressive move, not guts no glory. Someone even clipped their pedal, but everyone stayed upright. Unlike the crash earlier that took about 5 dudes, myself not included. Nobody seemed to get seriously hurt but some skin was definitely donated.

Quite the day.

I got dropped after 15 minutes of the 3/4 race.

But that was fine, the first race was great. After that i stopped by the Bourgeois pig for some ice coffee and sports page. Kila walk off homerun last night! I even got my cycle chic on and snapped some random bike photos.

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  1. Nice job in the cat 4 race

    BLVD Racer