Sunday, May 22, 2011

SC vs Summit Street

Decided to take some friends advice and climb Summit St instead of Cambridge. Summit (located in the westside neighborhood, just west of downtown) is not nearly as steep as Cambridge, but still very hard. Plus it was hot today, which made it harder.

I planned on 5 laps, only did 3. Once i reached the top of each lap i would go as hard as possible for another 50 yards or so, to the stop light by Blue Bird Bistro. After the 3rd lap i was pooped, but i rode for another hr plus and felt pretty good. We'll see what this all means come snake alley time.

I'll be back to Cambridge St, but maybe not till after Snake Alley.

I got in 11 hours of riding this week. That's really good for me.

After the ride X and i had a lazy Sunday on the Plaza.

The Dude abides.


  1. Where is that coffee from?

  2. Coffee Girls at 75th and Washington, in Waldo.