Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big mountain bike day today

Broadway cafe, Volker bicycles, swope park trails, Blue river trails, Sonic Spectrum on the radio. Good day today.

I finally got in a big mtn bike ride, although only about 35% of it was on a mtn bike trail. I'll have to do something about that. My new thing is timing myself at Swope. I can't describe exactly what my loop is, but it's pretty much all of it. Today was something like 53 minutes, but i was riding "casual" and know i can go much faster. We'll see what happens at the spoke pony race this weekend. I have a feeling spoke pony could be the swan song for my mtn bike. She's dying. It's sad.

I also rode the 'highline' trail at Blue River. I love it, but it's a little overgrown. Blue river seems to be more of a winter trail.

You cant beat passing thru the Mad Max apocalypse zone on Blue River road between Swope and the Blue River trails, it's weird in there.

I put in close to 4 hours of riding today... my ass was killing me! Seriously, it was like never before. Maybe my next bike should be a full suspension. Nah, that sounds too easy. I like to make it as hard as possible to go fast. Which is probably why im not that bothered by the fact that my back disc break is constantly rubbing. It's not bad, but it's there. If i ever get a mtn bike that functions properly it's going to be like pedaling a cloud dipped in olive oil.

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